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Career Resource Center (CRC)

Career Resource Center (CRC)

The Career Resource Center (CRC), located in the Campus Life Building Room 235, provides material for students, alumni, faculty, and staff at all stages of the career development process.

DAILY WORKSHOPS: Preparation Help For Employment Planning!

Three topics. Five Days. Pick & Choose. Walk-in. No appointment needed. 

  1. Resume Reviews
  2. Interviewing
  3. Job & Internship Search
Monday and Wednesday Tuesday and Thursday Friday
9:00 AM Interviewing 9:00 AM Resume Review 10:00 AM Resume Review  
11:00 AM Job & Internship Search 11:00 AM Interviewing 2:00 PM Resume Review
1:00 PM Interviewing 1:00 PM Resume Review
2:00 PM Resume Review 3:00 PM Interviewing
3:00 PM Job & Internship Search


Career Exploration Tools

Career Services Guide Books

Guide Books available for general job search information and specialized employment fields.

Classroom Resources

Faculty & Staff, learn more about Career Resources for the Classroom including: Career Resource Center tours, presentations, curriculum integration information, and employer relations services.

Computer Lab & Printing

Software includes: Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat 
Printing is limited to 5 pages per visit.

Practice Interviews

Need help creating your résumé?

Use Résumé Builder, in the Huskies Get Hired! system, to help you create your résumé.
Check out the Quick Start Guide and build your résumé today!

CRC Shortcuts

CRC Services Assessment

Focus 2 (Find out what careers suit you best)


Huskies Get Hired

Report your internship

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What can the CRC do for you?

"NIU Career Services gave me VITAL advice that was key in helping me stand out in a huge crowd of hopeful applicants. Out of 200 nursing students, I was one of only five in my department to receive a job offer-- ensuring me a nursing position as soon as I graduate and pass my boards. I truly owe it all to the person who helped me at Career Services. The staff was incredibly invested and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Thank you again for all of the important work you do for the student body!"
- Bree Nacsa, senior Nursing major